Neuroplasticity in Parkinson's disease
Alexis Lepetit

Phone: (334) 72 43 23 26

Dr Alexis Lepetit is a psychiatrist and geriatrician, involved in clinical projects of the team.

Since the beginning of his psychiatric training, Dr Alexis Lepetit has been interested in Old Age Psychiatry (OAP). To improve his skills in this subspecialty, he decided to complete his training with a geriatric medical degree. 

Dr Lepetit’s current position enables him to develop research and teaching projects in both psychiatry and neurology. Dr Lepetit supervises medical residents for their theses. These theses are also published as research articles in peer-reviewed journals. 

Dr Alexis Lepetit has a keen interest in psychopharmacology that enabled him to participate as principal investigator or co-investigator in pharmaceutical trials.

On the other hand, he is a founding member of the French association of early-career psychiatrists (AJPJA, This associative commitment directly followed his 2 years as a board member of the French association of psychiatric trainees (AFFEP, During this mandate, the first taskforce on OAP has been created to make it an official psychiatric subspecialty in France with the full support of the French association of professors of psychiatry, the OAP section of the EPA, the European Association of Geriatric Psychiatry and the WPA. 

Dr Alexis Lepetit is also involved in the promotion of OAP in France, being deputy general secretary of the French Old Age Psychiatry Society (SF3PA).

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