Laboratory of Social Neuroscience and Comparative Development
Christophe Gauld


Christophe Gauld is a sleep physician and a child and adolescent psychiatrist who works at the intersection of neurodevelopment and emerging disorders. Currently working at the University Hospital of Lyon in the child and adolescent psychopathology department of Pr Fourrneret, and at the University of Sorbonne, Paris, he have a doctoral-level education in medical humanities and a master's degree in computational engineering obtained at Ecole Centrale, Paris. He worked in Prof. Destexhe's NeuroPSI laboratory (Paris-Saclay) on biological neuron models and at the CRNL (Lyon) on Bayesian models of active inference applied to psychiatry. His research currently focuses on the modeling of clinical elements, applying to child psychiatry and sleep medicine methods of computational approaches, dynamic systems and symptom networks.

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