Disorders of the Brain
Disorders of the Brain

Angela Sirigu (Principal Investigator)
email: sirigu@isc.cnrs.fr
phone: +33 (0)4 37 91 12 19
Hajer Atti (Doctoral student)
email: hajer.atti@isc.cnrs.fr
Jennifer Beneyton (iMIND Project manager)
email: jennifer.beneyton@ch-le-vinatier.fr
Viet Chau Linh Nguyen (Doctoral student)
email: viet-chau-linh.nguyen@ens-lyon.fr
Mai Chunmiao (Doctoral student)
email: chunmiao.mai@isc.cnrs.fr
Caroline Demily (Psychiatrist)
email: Caroline.DEMILY@ch-le-vinatier.fr
Alice Gomez (Associate Professor, University Claude Bernard Lyon 1)
email: alice.gomez@isc.cnrs.fr
phone: +33 (0)4 37 91 12 18
Marie Habart (Doctoral student)
Guillaume Lio (Research engineer)
email: guillaume.lio@isc.cnrs.fr
Nathalie Richard (Research engineer)
email: nathalie.richards@isc.cnrs.fr
phone: +33 (0)4 37 91 12 35
Amélie Soumier (Postdoctoral researcher)
email: amelie.soumier@isc.cnrs.fr
Raphaele Von Koettlitz (iMIND Communication manager)
email: raphaele.von-koettlitz@ch-le-vinatier.fr

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