Decision, Action, and Neural Computation
James Bonaiuto (Principal Investigator)


James Bonaiuto completed his PhD in 2010 with Michael Arbib at the University of Southern California developing computational models of reach and grasp performance and observation. He then performed postdoctoral research with Richard Andersen at the California Institute of Technology using computational modeling and reversible muscimol inactivation with nonhuman primates to develop an integrative model of effector- and value-based decision making. He then moved to University College London working with Sven Bestmann and Gareth Barnes using tDCS and EEG to study action-based and perceptual decision making, and action selection. There he helped pioneer the use of subject-specific head-casts for high precision MEG, and was the first to show, non-invasively in the human brain, the laminar- and frequency-specific correlates of action selection.

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