Laboratory of Social Neuroscience and Comparative Development
Julien Dubreucq


Julien Dubreucq (MD; Ph.D) is a child and adolescent psychiatrist specialized in perinatal psychiatry, stigma reduction and recovery-oriented practices. Currently working at the University Hospital of Saint-√Čtienne and the university of Saint-√Čtienne, he has spent a year at the department of perinatal psychiatry of the Erasmus Medical College (Pr Mijke Lambregtse-Vandenberg) and is a member of the RiseUp-PPD European consortium on peripartum depression (EU Cost Action 18138; Pr Ana Ganho-Avila) and the regional alliance for perinatal mental health (Pr Pierre Fourneret). His research interests include (using qualitative,  quantitative or mixed methods) : peripartum mental health care, participatory research, parent-baby early interactions, child's development, support for parents with serious mental illness or autism, stigma / self-stigma reduction and implementation of recovery-oriented practices in mental health services. 

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