The Ape Social Mind Lab
Oscar Nodé-Langlois

I am a PhD student working on the development of socio-cognitive skills in wild chimpanzees and its neuronal substitute under the supervision of Catherine Crockford, Pier Francesco Ferrari and Angela Sirigu.

The first part of my project is focused the use of observational learning in the development of wild chimpanzees. The opportunity to learn from others is a crucial prerequisite for the emergence of culture and an important driver of cognitive evolution. Like humans, chimpanzees undergo an extended period of development, exhibit various cultural differences and evolve in complex social structures, offering, therefore, an interesting model for the study of social learning. Using behavioural observations of wild chimpanzees from the Tai National Park in Ivory Coast, this part of my PhD project aims to provide more knowledge about the contexts and the dynamics of observational social learning occurring during the development of wild chimpanzees.

The second part of this project aims to describe the organization and the development of the oxytocinergic system, a neural network involved in attachment and social attention, in the hypothalamus of wild chimpanzees using immunochemistry.


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