Decision, Action, and Neural Computation Lab
Quentin Moreau


Quentin Moreau is a postdoctoral researcher working under the supervision of Dr James Bonaiuto at the Decision, Action, and Neural Computation (DANC) lab, part of Institut des Sciences Cognitives Marc Jeannerod in Lyon. He obtained a PhD in Social Neuroscience at the Sapienza University of Rome, under the supervision of Prof. Salvatore Maria Aglioti and Prof. Matteo Candidi. During his thesis and his first postdoc at the Fondazione Santa Lucia in Rome, he studied the EEG markers of motor interactions and social perception. He then went on to work on computational social physiology and neuromodulation under the supervision of Dr. Guillaume Dumas at the Precision Psychiatry and Social Physiology (PPSP) lab in Montréal. Currently, his research is centered on projects investigating the oscillatory mechanisms governing sensorimotor processes using MEG.

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