Decision, Action, and Neural Computation Lab
Sanaz Alavizadeh


Sanaz Alavizadeh has been working as a project manager since July 2020 at the Institut des Sciences Cognitives (ISC) Marc Jeannerod in Lyon. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Biology (Grenoble Alpes- France) in 2017 and an inter-university degree in clinical research associate (Claude Bernard, France) in 2019, and has since been involved with in different clinical neuroscience projects. Her first project was assuring the protection of rights, safety and welfare of human subjects in a study of the efficacy and safety of bumetanide in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She then took part in two projects on children with craniosynostosis for evaluating attentional functions in children with this pathology under direction of Professor Federico Di Rocco. She is now involved in a new project aimed at better mechanistic understanding of motor-related beta activity in children and infants.

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