Brain Imaging Methodological Axis
Brain Imaging Methodological Axis

(PI: Bassem Hiba)

The aim of this axis is to develop and set-up advanced acquisition and post-processing methods for human and non-human primate brain imaging. We will focus our efforts on the development of high-resolution brain MRI pulse-sequences which are presently a crucial issue for medical applications and for neuroscience research. To reach this objective, we developed a high sensitivity MRI pulse sequences based on a 3D-sampling of Fourier-space.

Axial view of colored fractional anisotropy map of in-vivo Macaque brain acquired at an isotropic spatial-resolution of 0.5 mm

The long acquisition duration and the vulnerability to head motion limits the feasibility of brain high-resolution MRI and particularly for young children and for patients with heavy daises. To overcome these limitations, MRI pulse-sequences based on a 3D-sampling of Fourier-space are combined to appropriated strategies of head-motions compensation.

The developed methods will be used for 

- Cross-species studies of brain connectivity in collaboration with Angela Sirigu's team.

- Multimodal studies of brain connectivity by tractography and direct cortical stimulation in the operating room in humans in collaboration with Michel Desmurget's team.

- Precise characterization of brain development of macaques, in collaboration with Pier Francesco Ferrari's team, and of human infants in collaboration with James Bonaiuto’s team.

Diffusion-weighted images of human brain acquired with isotropic resolution of 0.8 mm


The methodological developments of high spatial resolution MRI is carried out on a 3T MRI (Prisma, SIEMENS) in collaboration with CERMEP (the medical imaging platform in Lyon) and with Siemens Healthcare.

Finally, in collaboration with the IT department of the ISC-MJ (Dr. Nathalie Richard and Mr. Sylvain Maurin), a computationally intensive infrastructure dedicated to the reconstruction and post-processing of high-resolution MRI data has been set up.




The team also has high level expertise in ex-vivo MRI of the fixed brain.


Recently and in collaboration with the team of Dr. James Bonaiuto, the team has implemented real-time head movement compensation methods to obtain artefact-free high-resolution MRI in babies as young as 3 months without anaesthesia


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