Laboratory of Cognitive Neuropsychology and Development
Laboratory of Cognitive Neuropsychology and Development

(PI: Liuba Papeo,Jean-Remy Hochmann)

We study how representations of objects and actions in our daily environment emerge from the interplay between perception, motor experience and conceptual knowledge. Our agenda includes three main projects. 

  • The first project addresses how the human brain realizes the amazing ability to readily detect and recognize conspecifics (i.e., human bodies and faces) in the cluttered environment.
  • The second project studies how humans understand others’ actions seen in isolation or in the social context, with people acting among people.
  • The third project addresses the representation of communicative gestures and words, and how the two are organized within the brain network that represents meaningful signs.

Our research is carried out with functional MRI, neurostimulation (TMS), EEG, eye-tracking and behavior research methods, on human infants and adults. More here 

An important structure of Neurodev is the babylab Baby-Lyon. At Baby-Lyon , we test infants and children (from 3 months to 3 years) to understand the developmental origins of higher cognition in humans, focusing on reasoning, language and social cognition.

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